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Play as an insect collector looking for colors in old summer memories...

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“Daffodil Yellow: a few poems from an insect collector” is a 3D game/interactive experience about the reconciliation between someone and a season.

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The story takes place at the very beginning of summer. This season makes the collector see everything in black and white. One day, after taking a nap, he turns into a butterfly.

He will go through three memories that are dear to him, which took place during previous summers. Looking for a color in each of them, he will repaint his current summer. 

Each memory, each flower, each color has a meaning, creating an ambience through the music and the visuals.  An abstract story without words, this project is about the different translations of a feeling. A precise feeling, told as visuals, sound, text and interactions through a 15-20 minute long experience...

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[FR] L'ornitho du JV


email: redaction@lornitho-du-jv.com

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