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TRASHICO is a VR co-op multiplayer game. 

There are two players; one is in VR and the other is on the PC. 

The goal of the game is to sort trash in a tropical recycling plant. 

There are 2 players – one on the PC and one in VR. The PC player will be able to see a top-down view of the area. The VR player would be centrally located on the map and will have a 3D view. 

All of the trash will be mixed up and come from one single entrance. 

Both players must work together to direct trash towards their proper exits. 

Each object type will have its own exit.
The game plays in two phases: the planning phase where the PC player places conveyor belts strategically and then the playing phase where the VR player processes and sorts the trash. 

The PC player can still change the conveyor belts positions and directions.
You lose life if the trash falls or is sorted in the wrong way. The game ends when you don’t have any lifes left.




Jan Schneider

Programmer, game mechanic and implementations 

https://twitter.com/_JanSchneider ]

www.janschneider.ch ]

https://jacasch.itch.io/ ]

Denise Hohl

3D and 2D artist & UI  

https://www.instagram.com/miir_rah/?hl=en ]

Nathalie Meier

3D artist & programmer  

https://www.instagram.com/keuzli/?hl=en ]

Shamika Biswas

level design, game mechanic & visual design 

https://thepototo.itch.io/  ]

Andreas Strahm

3D artist, enviroment design & sound implementation 

https://www.instagram.com/jnr_akira/?hl=en ]

Hanh-Dung Nguyen

3D artist & VR test 

https://hdme.itch.io/ ]







Zürcher Horschule der Künste [ https://www.zhdk.ch/ ]

Sem.5 - Kollaborative Welten – Multiplayer - René Bauer & Max Moswitzer 


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